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Welcome to National Sportswear Incorporated.

National Sportswear is a fully incorporated corporation which pays Federal and State taxes under it’s legal entity name “National Sportswear Incorporated.” The name is also Trademarked with the United States Federal Trademark Office under several categories as “National Sportswear ®” and we also have many domains that are registered with ICANN as “NationalSportswear” and “National Sportswear” under the different domain extensions such as dot com, dot org, or such as this one “dot net.”

There two very important reasons we have many domain names registered with our name. The first is to protect the consumer from confusion and the other is to protect other businesses from mistakenly using our name. Some may call this cybersquating. But it is not. Cybersquating is actually using someone else’s name as or inside a domain name to gain search engine status under those particular names. If you register your name as a corporation. Then you are 100% in your rights to buy every name that matches your corporation name as a domain name. It is yours. And by doing so, you are in fact taking the necessary actions to avoid consumer confusion. Of course not everyone can afford a hundred domain names. That can be expensive. So my advice here is to at minimum grab what are called top domains. Like dot com, dot net and dot org.

Hello, my name is Duncan Benedict and I am the CEO and Founder of National Sportswear Inc.

If you are serious about building a company and you plan on putting your lifelong efforts into such an endeavor. You may find this website and the information that I am providing beneficial or at minimum informative to help guide you through the entangled web of entrepreneurship and the decisions you will face along your journey.

Why incorporate?

There are many choices one must make when beginning a business.
And the first one which we would probably agree on is coming up with a name.
The name of a business is about as important as your own name. What I mean by this is that a name is what everyone from that day on is going to recognize you as. Just as your friends or family call you by your name, your customers will call your business by it’s name. Regardless of the type of business you plan to start. Whether it be a service oriented business or a business that manufactures or sells products. People are going to remember your name. So consider a name that best describes what you will do. For instance my corporation is called National Sportswear. When you see this name you immediately think that this must be a company that sells sportswear nationally.
If this is what you thought, than you would be correct.

Another type of name you could use for your business is a made up word, like Magazle.
Of course there are pros and there are cons to this form of naming.
The pros, maybe no one has it.
The cons, it is unrecognizable. Meaning when you or anyone sees this word, they have no idea what it means, what it represents or what it does. You are going to have to educate every individual who sees it.

Your next task at hand is to make sure no one is using your name. Not the easiest task around and if anyone tells you there is a place where you can find every conceivable company name being used, they would be lying.
However, there are some pretty solid solutions out there that will get you a 99% result.
First you can google the name you think you might like to see if it’s out there on the internet.
To do this you simply open any internet browser and type in the address bar
When Google’s website appears, you can type in your name in the handy search box that Google provides and see what kind of results appear.

Another method is to go to a website called and run a domain name search to see if your name is taken.
There are literally billions of domain names and websites today. So the likeliness of someone owning your wanted name will most likely appear here.
Leave no stone unturned, so use both Google, Whois and even Yahoo, AOL, Bing and even Lycos!
If it doesn’t appear in the whois database, you can purchase it through Whois or other domain name registrars such as or (just to mention a few)

But before you jump with joy, I strongly suggest you use the website and do a trademark search too.

Good luck!

Several other searches you can perform are at the Library of Congress and it certainly doesn’t hurt to try either
There are almost endless avenues to searching. At least when I wrote this there were.

But, no matter how much time you put into searching your perfect name. There is always going to be the potential possibility that someone else is using your name or even parked your name for future use.
I’ll explain later what parking a name is.

You can also search the different state department of revenue offices for your name. And this is a really good idea since you will be eventually incorporating it with your state department of revenue sooner or later. I will warn you though. Some of these state department databases aren’t always as easy to use as you would hope and some may not even have the proper information listed or saved in their online databases. Especially if you are searching corporation names and that state allows fictitious names.
They will most likely show the corporation names, but many don’t show fictitious or alternate names because as far as most state governments are concerned, fictitious and alternate names have no legal protection. So they are among the last to get entered in databases. Our governments contrary to belief, do like to work in the most efficient way they can, so they leave the least important to last and this means sometimes never.

Either way, at some point you need to decide whether or not you are going to use the name you want.

And I suggest you do it before you die of old age searching.
There is a pretty good rule to follow. If it’s not on Google and Whois, you’ve covered a big chunk.
And if it’s not on Google or Whois, than that person did a lousy job to make it publicly aware.

That’s a give me.

So remember this. If you plan to conduct business than especially in today’s world you will want a website. If not to use it to find new customers, at least to use it to provide your existing customers with the information they may want without them having to contact you every time they need an answer. So make sure your domain name is the same as your business name. This obviously tells people immediately you are who you are.
After all, why would you register Johny incorporated if you are going to use

Sound like a dumb analogy?
Not really.
The best practice is the straight forward approach.

Once you’ve gotten past these two steps, that is if you’ve chosen your name.
The next position is to file a Federal Trademark for your name.
Federal Trademarks are categorized in what is called IC numbers or International Code numbers.
These numbers represent the type of service or product you provide under this Trademark.
For instance National Sportswear is Trademarked under several IC numbers. One is IC25 which is for a line of clothing such as shirts, pants or jackets. The other is IC 40 which is for the decoration of sportswear or clothing, such as silkscreen printing or custom embroidery.

The purpose of trademarking your name is to first allow anyone who might have that name the opportunity to oppose it. The Federal Trademark Office, if it grants you the right to use a specific name for a trademark will publish it before it actually grants it to you. This is to make sure no one else has it or is using it.

Of course if you had done your legwork as I mentioned above. You should be safe or 99% safe.


Because it is every individuals responsibility to make the public aware of it’s name.
By registering a domain name to be the very same name as your corporation name, you are in fact making a point of telling the world who you are. It is the “loudest call” to the masses. What I mean by this is very simple. There is no other place that reaches out to the largest group of people than the internet. So grab that domain name and tell the world who you are.

Hiding your name from the public does not grant you usage. What I mean by usage is very simple. It is what it implies. Usage means to use. If you hide your name, you are obviously not using it. Or at least not making the attempt to use it. Or you are not putting your full effort to make the public aware of who you are.
The courts may not agree with my analogy and perhaps the Federal Trademark Commission may not agree with my analogy. But what they will agree with is this. Trademark is also what it implies. A trade and a mark. If you chose to do a trade, than you must also mark that trade. To mark a trade is to make the public aware of your trade or your trade name. This is what marking a trade means.

A very good example of this is NIKE. NIKE actually comes from the Greek word victory. But the company doesn’t sell victory and it doesn’t sell Greek books about victory. It is a sportswear company just like mine. Only much bigger. Well, so big it controls 90% of the sportswear industry. If you visit you will be visiting NIKE’s website. By the way Nike is also a corporation and it’s name is Nike Incorporated.

So as you can see. They incorporated their name as Nike Incorporated and they certainly let the mass majority of consumers know who they are by owning the domain name and of course dot net and dot org and so on.

I have always admired NIKE for the way they built their corporation. Of course Nike isn’t the only business to adopt these ethical methods. Apple computers, IBM, Microsoft, Stapples, Ebay, Amazon, Walmart, Lowes, Homedepot, Target, McDonalds, Wendys, and thousands upon thousands of companies all over the world do it this way.
I doubt very much you will find a company like Target Incorporated using a website called

The purpose of these writings is to bring to light the difficulties we must face when we begin a business and the hardships we can face once we’ve made our business famous.
There is no doubt that taking the leap of faith is a difficult one. Some people say the rewards can be great. But I will tell you this. The only real reward is the one giving birth. Raising it as an infant and watching the world get to know it.
It’s hard work. You will encounter ups and downs. You will be attacked, admired, hated, liked and disliked. There will be people who are jealous of your efforts and people who will admire what you do.

My best advice is to ignore those who are jealous and thank those who appreciate your efforts.

But at the end of the day, if you are honest about what you do. No one can take that away from you.

If you enjoyed what you read and you feel that you might have gained some insight.



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We’ve had this site for almost two decades now.

And we are asking you to make a conscientious choice.

It is important that everyone supports “fair and especially honest business practices.”

You can visit our main site
which is

We do not have any affiliations with any other companies using
our name “National Sportswear”

We are National Sportswear Incorporated
We also own these internet domains
We also own the United States Federal Trademarks for
The United States Internal Revenue Service
recognizes us as National Sportswear Incorporated.
(This is how “we” pay our taxes)

Just like companies such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, Amazon, Apple, IBM, Lowes, Coca~Cola, Pepsi, Target, Wal-Mart and thousands of other companies you’ve most likely grown to trust.
We have but one single simple name
National Sportswear ®
National Sportswear Incorporated
and of course our website



I’ve provided some pretty useful links below where you can search State Government databases for business names. The list may be missing links to the actual websites as I am still in the progress of linking them.


The United States Corporation Name Search and Status

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